Third Party Plan Review

Rupurt offers our clients a competitive advantage with our in-house Peer and Code Compliance Plan Review services which expedites the permitting process, improves document quality, and saves time and money. Our in-house staff of certified plan review professionals actively train alongside jurisdiction officials which affords us the unique ability to stay abreast of current trends in interpretation and distribute this knowledge to the design community.

With exposure to more project code reviews in one month than most firms see in a year, Rupurt’s reviewers are experts in local rulings and interpretations and have a keen understanding of what jurisdictions look for, how information should be presented, and what causes rejection comments. This combination of code expertise, continuous in-service training and longstanding reputation has made Rupurt the natural choice for partnership on some of the largest commercial development projects. We take satisfaction in our ability to help design teams sidestep common mistakes and find solutions to unique and complex code challenges.

Services Provided For

  • Architectural
  • Mechanical
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical
  • Life Safety
  • Fire Protection
  • Accessibility
  • Structural
  • Civil